attr validate

Lightweight validation using form element attributes.

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Basic jQuery form validation, using HTML5 attributes. Recommended as a polyfill for older browsers which do not provide built-in validation.



Download the plugin, then include the js file.

(Note that CSS is not bundled with the plugin. For guidance, see the example page included.)

<script src="attrvalidate.jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

To initialise form validation, call attrvalidate on the form with any additional options specified.

  showFieldIndicator: false

A reset function is available, which will clear all validation errors.

$('#myResetBtn').click(function(){ $('#myForm').attrvalidate('reset'); });


Option Default Purpose
showFieldIndicator true Show inline validation against each field.
showErrorSummary true Show a summary of errors after an invalid form submission.
errorSummaryMsg 'Please fix the following issues before continuing:' Message which precedes the list of errors.
validateNumber true Check for valid number (float) entry on input types of 'number'.
validateEmail true Check for valid email address entry on input types of 'email'.
emailRegex /^(\S+@\S+)*$/ Regular expression used for email validation. Default allows any non-whitespace characters along with an @ symbol.
validateTel true Check for valid phone number entry on input types of 'tel'.
telRegex /^\+*[\d-()]{7,20}$/ Regular expression used for phone number validation. Default allows between 7 and 20 numbers, hyphens, or parentheses, optionally preceded by a plus sign.
validateDate true Check for valid date entry on input types of 'date'.
submitFunction - Optional function to run on successful validation, instead of submitting the form.